November & Dezember 2018 in Hong Kong 


It's amazing to see all the christmas decoration in a warmer country without snow and with 'summer' clothes on. 

This time I discovered a few more worth seeing places in Hong Kong. For example I went to a hiking tour, to the horse race, to the word highest bar ozone and the hidden nice disco  Ophelia. Also I visited my favorite classics Repulse Bay and Sevva Bar :).


It sounds like holiday and it feels like holiday with a loving extra <3 Thanks for all the wonderful Dates!


Kisses Sarah 

Hi everybody,


it's time for an update concerning the current dessous from "Agent Provocateur". I almost have the most of the beautiful Sets what they provide on the website. Here are a few wonderful Sets what are still left in my wardrobe. Maybe I will decide for one or two of them again.


What do you like most at the moment? 

- Light or dark color? Or Both?


THANK YOU for the support and interesting vote!!

You are the Best, with a very good taste as well.

The Set 'Whitney' made it already in my wardrobe. The sets 'Rosanna" and 'Lindie' are on my wish list.

April & May 2018 in Hong Kong

Surprisingly I stayed much longer in HK than I had planned. Because after a while this place became a little home. 

-Especially thanks for all the lovely encounters and dates. Returned guest felt like friends. I have still a lot of heartwarming and exciting memories in my mind.

- Furthermore I did beautiful things: going to beaches, sightseeing, enjoying panorama, shopping, going to a concert and hugging dolphins in ocean park.

> I always mix work with fun and enjoying, to keep the balance in life.

"Wherever I go, I go with with all my heart!"

With love Sarah RubyKiss



31.03.2018 HK calling

Time to change the scene: Goodby snow > Hello sunny days, purple sunsets and hot nights!

The trip to Hong Kong is for me a combination between adventure and work. I prefer this way to travel in the world, instead of being a 'tourist'. I'm interested in all people how are living, working or visiting Hong Kong. Thank you for spending time with me.

I'm sending warm lovely regards to Germany and Switzerland. Don’t be worry about me, Hong Kong is a safe country. 

Kisses Sarah Ruby




March 2018 in Switzerland

What I do while I'm 'working' and why I love Switzerland - look at the pic collage <3! 

It looks absolut amazing, doesn't it?!

I call it soul food, when I do something special

-for my heart: enjoying the panorama view

-for my mind: drinking hot wine :p

-for the body: burning fat in the snow  

In this time I'm collecting my positiv energy, what I love to share with you.

"Life is full of choices and i choose HAPPINESS!" 

Kisses Sarah Ruby



31.12.2017 Happy New Year!

Thank you for the wonderful year 2017 together! It was a amazing year, a great summertime, lovely people, good travels and fantastic experiences. 

- A special thanks goes around the world to Hong Kong, thank you for welcomed me warmly for the first time. Hong Kong was one of my Highlights this year. I will come again, I promise!!

- Thanks from the button of my heart to the people in Germany, who are still thinking of me, I send a big kiss to Nuremberg and surroundings.

- A enormous thank to Switzerland, thank you for the gourgious long time part this year. I felled in love with the charming country.

I wish everybody a happy New Year!

30.12.2017 I will change a few things on my website in the next days, for instance the cover, color and pic area and pics.. Stay updated ;)


Sunny regards from my December holidays! 
I will be back bevor Christmas with a lot of positiv energy and power :)! 

Welches Set trifft aktuell deinen Geschmack?

- 1x pro Tag abstimmbar 

- mehrere Auswahlen möglich bis zu 3 Stück


Neue Abstimmung zu Dessous Sets:

Die abgebildeten Sets zeigen meine aktuellen Favoriten von der Luxus Lingerie Marke Agent Provocateur. Wenn der Hauch von Stoff nicht so unerschwinglich wäre, dann wären bereits alle Sets in meinem stolzen Besitz.

Natürlich sind Dessous immer auch eine Stimmungssache, mal mag ich lieber warme/ kühle Töne oder helle/dunkle Farben, je nach Trend oder Wetter beeinflusst.